Traditional Therapy

As a Humanistic Therapist I understand how difficult it can be for a client to enter therapy and begin to deal with what is troubling them. I’ve also seen the benefit and changes Clients have made within themselves or alternatively within their lives, when motivated to deal with the issues and challenges presented.

  • If you are dealing with anxiety, stress, burnout, depression
  • Have challenges within a relationship
  • Are struggling with a lack of connection, drugs or alcohol dependency
  • Or have hit a point in your life, where you’ve become stuck and need a professional to help you figure out how to move past or deal with the situation you’re in.

Skype/Telephone counselling available.

For a free 15 min Consultation or simply an enquiry.

£45 per hour.

Please call: UK +44 (0)7954 301654

Or e-mail me via the contact page



One Comment Add yours

  1. LeeSoyer says:

    This is one of the most humanist works someone can do. Certainly, this will change a lot of lives in the world.


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