Travel & Wellbeing Program

Travel & Wellbeing Program: 

Travel/Wellbeing Writing:

  • Creating inspirational and authentic content to connect brands with readers interested in travel & wellbeing.

Holistic Wellbeing : Leading you from surviving to thriving.

  • As your Wellbeing Practitioner, I will work jointly with you, delivering professional guidance & insight, we will work together creatively to ensure you pursue dreams, overcome obstacles in your way, commit to your goals which will lead you from surviving to thriving.
  • Face to face / Zoom/Telephone
  • 50 minute sessions.
  • Includes weekly free e-mail or messenger support (within respectable limits.)
  • 6 session initial commitment required. £65 per session

Wellbeing Coaching: It’s time to de-stress.  (An executive coaching service)

  • I can teach you how to de-stress, by utilising my professional skills in examining your situation and relational dynamics to determine cause and effect.
  • This will then assist me, in empowering you, to develop the skill and insight needed to create change and develop greater wellbeing.
  • I will then work with you to produce and commit to the actionable steps which enable you to deliver the change you require. £65 Per session

Corporate Wellbeing:  (A business coaching service.)

  • I will work with your brand to build engaged and resilient teams.
  • Help you formalise a wellbeing plan which prioritizes healthier ways of working.
  • Work with you to address and reduce stigma.
  • Teach you to empower employees to feel confident enough to speak up when overwhelmed, by taking personal responsibility for their emotional and mental health.
  • Create and deliver a cohesive sense of purpose to reduce stress and burn out.

Wild Wellbeing: Explore Your inner world through external travel. (Bespoke)

  • A specific, time limited and therapeutic travel quest, in which I  work with you to make sense of life difficulties and struggles through and during the medium of travel. Enabling you to create more freedom, happiness, passion & motivation. Delivering a deeper sense of living.

Travel/Wellbeing Presentations: 

I will create and deliver personalised, interesting, travel/wellbeing presentations which are informative and fulfil your needs, requirements and criteria.

Please use the link below to find out more information.

Contact me here:

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