I’m a World Traveller.

I have been from the moment I read the Kon Tiki Expedition as a child.

Yet at 40, it was heartbreak, grief & loss, which kicked me out of my comfort zone and into the world – forcing me to travel for nearly a year. Reminding me how good it is for my Wellbeing in the process.

Hi, I’m Jan. A qualified MBACP registered, Humanistic Therapist. I’ve taught as a Lecturer of Counselling. Delivered therapy within the NHS, Mental Health Charities, Schools, Rape Crisis & Trauma, Hospice, Social Care and privately. 

I’m a seasoned Counsellor with over 13 years experience and recently I have been practicing as an Addictions Therapist at a luxury rehab in Thailand.  Writing & delivering topic group presentations. Facilitating gender groups – process groups, one to one counselling sessions, family therapy and teaching mindfulness. I’ve used motivational interviewing, solution focussed therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy incorporated with my humanistic way of practicing. 

Through training, practice, life and travel.  I have been able to develop my professional experience & understanding into the human psyche. In the process I have evolved in wisdom, knowledge and insight. Developing my practice further surrounding the neuroscience of change, the damaging effects of stress and how addiction affects the high functioning adult. 

Finding my own way to Wellbeing has been an interesting journey, which has matured throughout each stage and phase of life. It has been an adventure filled with meaningful moments.

Creating memories to be treasured forever is something I have learnt, is of great importance.

Apart from all the amazing destinations I’ve visited which include: Australia and New Zealand, Hawaii and Fiji. Mainland USA and Asia. I’ve taken many short european escapes in Spain, France, Tenerife, Switzerland, Ibiza and even worked for a short while in Gran Canaria in 2016. 

I’ve discovered that travel is as beneficial as therapy. It stimulates the mind in a different way to living within society. Encourages wellbeing and brings about psychological growth. It also challenges all aspects of enculturation. 

Doing what you want with your own life is an incredibly powerful & empowering experience.  As is working out how to do so in consideration of family, relationships, work & business commitments!

Jan - Oz

As a Wife and Mother, who has consciously created the way our family lives and invested appropriately within those important relationships I value. Travelling long term as a family brought a huge sense of fun and stimulation.

I healed wounds, had adventures, discovered the world, different places, cultures and ways of being. Educating my children in the process. Enabling me to develop a deeper and more personal relationship with my own psyche and allowing us all to become Global Citizens.

On our return from travelling I felt the desire to write. Words flowed onto paper. First crafting a manuscript about our travels and reason for taking time out, then writing about my adventure into motherhood in ‘On Becoming a Mother’ (A Boy’s Own Story).  Then moving on to create travel articles which were published both online and in various magazines. (Australia & New Zealand, Juno Parenting, Essex Life, Real Travel.) Eventually developing my own travel blog and working with various businesses, people and organisations (The Scottish Tourist Board, Eurostar, Sandos Resorts, BonAppetour & Cindy Joseph – Owner of Skincare and Cosmetic company BOOM! ) to name but a few. Since then I’ve owned a street food business and worked for TUI Travel. 



I then decided I wanted to use my experience, skills and happiness I’ve gained throughout life, work and my travels . Combine them with my knowledge, insight and wisdom gained practicing as a Therapist and put them it all under one title. 

So here I am. A Writer. A Traveller. A Therapist. An experienced ear. A person who wants to empower the world around her. I am the Wellbeing Practitioner.

What area of wellbeing do you need help with?

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