Wellbeing for me revolves around simplifying life…

Finding my own way to Wellbeing has been an interesting journey, which has matured throughout each stage and phase of life. It has been an adventure filled with meaningful moments.

Personally I love travel – new experiences – the stimulation of finding a new way to express myself and be the never changing aspect of who I am, in an ever changing environment. In movement there is life.

When in one place, I have to find a way to express myself within community and society, this I do through therapeutic endeavours.

I enjoy imparting the wisdom I’ve gained across the years, for those who are interested. Life has taught me so much through happiness, pain, grief and loss. Sustaining a marriage. Raising a family within community and on the road. Enjoying love, laughter and most importantly, fun.

Jan - Oz

At 40 I finally completed the dream I’d had since my teens and travelled across the globe with my husband and children. It created a thirst in me. A desire. A recognition and satisfaction of a need within.

I healed wounds, had adventures, discovered the world, different places, cultures and ways of being. Enabling me to develop a deeper and more personal relationship with my own psyche and allowing all our family to become Global Citizens. 

I’ve discovered that travel can be as beneficial as therapy. It stimulates the mind in a different way to living within society. Encourages wellbeing, brings about psychological growth. It also challenges all aspects of enculturation.

It enhanced the understanding of my professional practice as a Humanistic Therapist and allowed me to symbiotically intertwine profession and person.

So here I stand anew. Refreshed.

I am The Wellbeing Consultant.

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