Re-Energising Life Services

Re-Energising Life Program:

Creating Change:  Suitable for High Achieving Professionals experiencing anxiety, stress, burnout, depression, cognitive problems or relationship difficulties. Also for those using unhealthy coping strategies.

You must be willing to push pause on life’s chaos for 1 hour a week to help de-stress, re-energise life and develop a deeper sense of living. 

In person, online, outdoors or within your own environment and location. 

Starts at: £60 per session

Contact me here for initial call or conversation.

Or call on +44 (0) 7954 301654


Transformational Travel:


With me as a trusted guide, a bespoke travel experience will be envisioned. Crafted to bring about an enviable lightness of being.  Designed to promote personal reflection, for you to grow in understanding of the self. Create grounding and if necessary develop self love.

This transformational travel experience will help you gain a higher awareness of your own identity. Shift perspective. Teach you to reduce stress & help you create connections which offer a deeper sense of living.


Contact me here for initial consultation or conversation

Or call on +44 (0)7954 301654


Travel/Wellbeing Articles:

 I write travel and wellbeing articles with a focus on the 40+ market and dissatisfied millennials, wanting to explore and experience more within their own lives.



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