Re-Energising Life Services

Re-Energising Life Program:

For high achieving professionals wanting to push pause on life’s chaos. A way to recharge body, mind and soul. For those suffering from stress, anxiety, burnout, depression or substance misuse.
  • Online: £50 (Hr)
  • Face to Face:  Walk & Talk (Beach/Park/Woods). £60 (Hr)

Bespoke Packages:

  • Full Day Service: £250
  • Weekend Service: £750
  • Week Long Program: £1500

Healthy Fun and Travel (covid restrictions apply) are important elements of the bespoke therapeutic packages, as both professionally and personally I believe them both to be a broker for change when dealing with the issues listed above.

I work outdoors:

  • by water,
  • in nature,
  • through travel,
  • from a client’s accommodation
  • and in a therapy room.

Travel/Wellbeing Articles: I write both travel and wellbeing articles with a focus on the 40+ market and dissatisfied millennials, wanting to explore and experience more within their own lives.

Contact me here for initial consultation or conversation

Or call on +44 (0)7954 301654

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