Re-Energising Life Signature Services

Re-Energising Life Therapy:

As a Wellbeing Consultant with a background as a UK Humanistic Therapist, I enjoy imparting the wisdom I have gained across the years, for those interested in creating change and living a healthy, fun & stimulating life. I have learnt much through the happiness of travel – whilst dealing with anxiety, stress, burnout, pain, grief and loss. I believe that ‘In movement there is life.’

I work outdoors, on the beach and in nature as well as a therapy room. Utilising blue mind science, positive psychology, humanistic theory, values and skills, to help clients create the change they want to see in their lives.
  • Online: £50
  • Face to Face:  Walk & Talk Therapy (Beach/Park/Woods): £60
  • Full Day Service: £250

This is a more in-depth experiential service.  Longer time is spent together, as we therapeutically work with all aspects of wellbeing. Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual as necessary.

Re-Energising Life Program:
For high achieving professionals wanting to push pause on life’s chaos. A way to recharge body, mind and soul. For those suffering from stress, anxiety, burnout, depression or substance misuse. 
Weekend Service: £750
This is for clients wanting to create change and develop wellbeing.
It focuses on choosing a destination which could be UK based or (travel restrictions permitting) a suitable destination in Europe. It delivers a bespoke and exclusive service which combines experiential therapeutic learning and change utilising the medium of travel.  1 follow up Skype session included.

Week Long Program: £1500
Sometimes for profound change to begin, a longer period of time is necessary. Having worked within exclusive clinical facilities in Switzerland, South Kensington & Thailand. I am in the privileged position of being able to create, deliver and curate an exclusive program suitable for any particular client’s needs. Healthy Fun and Travel are important elements of this bespoke therapeutic package, as both professionally and personally I believe them both to be a broker for change when dealing with the issues listed above.

    • 1 Follow-up skype session included. Further face to face or skype sessions can be added, per the discretion of the client.
    • (Travel & accommodation fees apply – all social distancing rules will be implemented as necessary)

This bespoke service helps financially successful workaholics create the changes necessary to live a healthy, happy, well rounded life.

Travel/Wellbeing Articles: I write both travel and wellbeing articles with a focus on the 40+ market and dissatisfied millennials, wanting to explore and experience more within their own lives.

Contact me here for initial consultation or conversation

Or call on +44 (0)7954 301654

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