Re-Energising Life Signature Services

Walk & Talk Wellbeing Therapy: Utilising nature/outdoors and the therapy room to help an individual or couple deal with life’s difficulties or issues.  £50 per session. (Southend) .                          Sessions in London City available. POA.

Re-Energising Life: A bespoke service specifically designed to help Executives experiencing anxiety, stress, burnout, depression, dependency or addiction. It is for those wanting or needing to create change within their lives.

This signature service will enable you to create more freedom, satisfaction, happiness, passion and meaning in life. You will develop a deeper sense of living. A process which will lead you from surviving to thriving.

A commitment to  an initial 6 sessions is required.                                                                                          Sessions can be delivered to suit client needs and commitments. This service can be delivered at a clients location/chosen location or remotely.


Contact me here for initial consultation

Or call on +44 (0)7954 301654

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