Fulfilling Our Relationship Goals in the Lake District

It’s been a tough 3 months on our relationship… Getting up at 5am, catching the train into London, working a full day in a Rehab with a focus on addiction but one which also deals with stress, burnout & recovery. The intense focus needed to engage and work effectively with clients during the day, combined…

Changing States Through Travel

One of the things which I’m a great believer in, is how we can change our own mental state through travel. It is one of the easiest and most fulfilling ways to create a connection inside us, with something greater than what we are. It allows us to develop and grow personally and as experiential,…

10 Tips on Developing Happiness in Everyday Living

One of the things which I have learned as I walked the path which has finally brought me to Wellbeing. Is the importance of happiness: Happiness is not something which just happens – it is an art to be created and defined It requires dedication,  patience and perserverence It needs the development of inner listening….

Want to Learn to Speak Spanish?

Would you like to learn to speak spanish. Then visit the catalan city of Barcelona for a short break, including a cooking experience to put what you’ve learnt into practice?

An Estuary Exploration

The walk out to the Mulberry Harbour, a world war II caisson lying on the West Knock sandback, off the shores of Thorpe Bay beach, was something my husband and me had been talking about doing for a while