Intuitively Exercising Your Way to Wellbeing

What do you think, when someone begins talking about exercise..

What does it mean to you. How does your body feel?

What are the thoughts which arise when exercise is talked about. Does your mind immediately put obstacles in its way, are you taken back in memory to the school gymnasium or do you decide that it’s something which can only be achieved indoors, in a group, Zumba class (purely an example) or at the gym.

What is your interpretation of exercise – for you!

“I know my body,” he said. “I know my body really well, when I need to push it, when I need to sit down, if I need a day or two break, if I need to hit it hard, the aches and pains. John Hyden.

One of the joys of getting older and becoming more experienced out in the world is that you can begin to analyse exercise in a different way. Looking at it from a more personal, intuitive perspective, rather than committing to say walking 10,000 steps because you’ve been told its good for you. You probably know already sitting all day is not helpful to wellbeing. Do you feel an underachiever and a failure when everyday you’re too exhausted and unable to complete this goal as per the professional stance and expectation. Have you ever thought that maybe this isn’t the right type of exercise or even a good way of thinking about it, for you?

Underwater Voice

I’d like you to begin to think about what you enjoy doing and what brings you pleasure and how that can then be encompassed with a healthy lifestyle or calling it simply staying active. What do you enjoy…

I love volleyball because it connects me with me (My soul not to sound too woo woo. The never changing part of my being) – a very ethereal aspect of myself which has needed to be interpreted slightly different during parenting and bringing up my children but now has time and a chance to be expressed in a way which makes me feel very me and that has taken time to find and recommit to.

I’d began looking at netball, wanting to get out and start playing sports again but the pace of the game, which in my early fifties (marking a young player of 15) led me to recognise my internally hard drive was overheating. I couldn’t sleep properly, unable to relax after training and playing, I realised this wasn’t for me. It led me to reflecting on what I could take from it and what I wanted to leave behind.

It meant I left the physical sport of netball, realised that what I lacked in speed I made up for in thought, strategy and tactics. Being about 3 moves in front of my young opponent which enabled me to not have to run the court even faster than I was and also showed me that yes — sports had given me so much as a teenager.

From way back in my school days, my PE Teacher Barbara Parker had been a great influence and demonstrated what it meant to be a healthy, generally all round decent individual.She educated me as a person, didn’t just teach me how to play sports. I enjoy being part of a well coached team and know what this feels like. Thank you once again Mrs Parker!

You shouldn’t feel out of sorts, left out, like you’re not good enough or that the team dynamics you’re looking part of, isn’t catered for fairly (and this doesn’t mean everyone treated the same). If any of that is happening, then your coach is not putting in the effort or is not a very good coach.

Then, driving back home from the seafront one day, I looked across my local park and saw volleyball being played. Inside I heard my internal voice. ‘I want to do that.’

I approached the coach and began playing outdoors throughout the summer. It was early on a sunday morning, so a time I loved. Outdoors, even better and I was beginning to get to know some new people in the face of a pandemic.

I realised that for me – I don’t have to run as far in volleyball to be a part of the team. I’m learning something new each week experientially about myself, the game and others and that although it’s played indoors now its winter. Not quite as nice but still does the trick. I enjoy myself immensely.

I now have a couple of go to activities which I do and a couple I still want to try. I like to play golf with my husband, after never having an interest in it previously. I move in and out of yoga, depending on my needs and the intuitive expression my body is asking for and I long to have my own endless pool with a smooth current which encourages me to swim against it, a plunge pool.. oh and a sauna. Intuitively, I now know what I need. Yet this has taken a lot of travel, time, experience and expertise to find this out. Living my life has definitely been my guide!

What does your intuitive self tell you about exercising, living a healthy lifestyle or simply being active. Let me know. As I’d love to find out or help you to find yours!

Focused Intention

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