Re-Energising Life Services

Re-Energising Life Program: Creating Change:  Suitable for High Achieving Professionals experiencing anxiety, stress, burnout, depression, cognitive problems or relationship difficulties. Also for those using unhealthy coping strategies. You must be willing to push pause on life's chaos for 1 hour a week to help de-stress, re-energise life and develop a deeper sense of living.  In … Continue reading Re-Energising Life Services

10 Tips on Developing Happiness in Everyday Living

One of the things which I have learned as I walked the path which has finally brought me to Wellbeing. Is the importance of happiness: Happiness is not something which just happens - it is an art to be created and defined It requires dedication,  patience and perserverence It needs the development of inner listening. … Continue reading 10 Tips on Developing Happiness in Everyday Living