Living a Life Full of Colour

How does a person forget themselves, forget what makes them feel colourful and whole?

I think when we get too caught up in the mind, we shut down our own colour and sometimes its helpful to be reminded of who we are, in a place which connects us with our self and reminds us of our own needs. And sometimes those of our loved ones around us.

I’ve needed to remind myself of this very thing during the week.

There have been moments when I have got caught up in the business of being busy and it was only on walking out of an appointment and straight across to the beach the other day, was I reminded of the importance of always keeping me in my life, now matter how busy everything gets.

My happy place.

It helped med recognise that the exercising I love, offers a different element of wellbeing to the beach walks and sea dips I enjoy all year round. Those are for me as a person. In this place I can find my inherent freedom to just be me. Even when I am with another. We don’t necessarily have to be alone to be at one with ourselves. Sometimes all it takes is keeping ourselves on the right track. Tuning into the feelings and sensations within. Looking out for that buoyant sense of colour which can arise through doing things we particularly enjoy or love.

I have a choice about how I spend my time and who I spend it with. That for me is important to know, if I get caught up in the societal chit chat which sometimes overtakes my brain!

colourful life

If all we do is work – unless we are included in that experientially, then we lose our colour. Become grey. Maybe that’s where the term grey matter comes from. The dense stuff inside our minds, which can make us forget who we are as individuals, if we’re not careful.

Travel is a place which helps me do that. Getting used to change and chaos in different locations, it stimulates my brain and is now something I love – as I mentally adjust to the different sounds, touch, taste and smells.

It’s always been important for me as a mother to encourage my children to find their own colour and they are doing it in their own way. Sometimes I think the way the education system in this country breaks down the colour in our children is tough. It can institutionalise them in their thinking. They become grey – not encouraged to find their way.

Reminding me of my colour today shows itself in me curling up in shuttered sunshine on my bed at midday watching the movie ‘You, Me & Dupree.’ Connecting me with laughter, relaxation and a message in a movie, told in a way I appreciate, which reminds me of the very thing I’m talking about.

I’ve included the short movie above also because I think it’s powerful in its message and thought you might enjoy it as you go about your way.

Being colourful to me, means I am alive, I am vibrant and I am free.

When I travelled the globe with my husband and children, just around the top end of Australia, I began to realise that as we travelled, I felt like a floating iridescent bubble  – the hues and shades of blues, pinks, purples, greens and gold, inside it, representing me.

My feelings, my thoughts, my life, my experience. It didn’t take away sadness or pain but it didn’t have to, because it represented my unique sense of wellbeing.

Is today being a grey day for you and what’s one thing you could change to make it feel more colourful?

southend shoreline





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