Indulge Yourself with a Trip to Edinburgh This Autumn

Wondering what to do and where to go this autumn for a long weekend or a short mid-week break, then look no further than Edinburgh, Scotland.

If you’re desire to solo travel – then Edinburgh is a great place to do so – as the city sits right on the doorstep of the train station. This means you can explore to your hearts content, without actually feeling like you’re going anywhere far.

As the saying goes ‘a little bit of what you fancy does you good’ and self-indulgence does not have to become a dirty term. Placing your own happiness and sanity first is not just okay — it’s a necessity. Developing the discernment of when to do so, is an important skill.

So why not blast yourself out of a sedentary state by creating an unusual break. I enjoyed a short break a while back, on a whirlwind visit to Scotland with the Scottish Tourism Board and was fortunate to be able to explore both culinary and physical delights, delivering a taste of what Scotland has to offer.

The start of the trip to Edinburgh was by train on the Caledonian Sleeper .The service links London Euston, North West England with over 40 locations in Scotland, operating six nights a week.

  • They regularly up date their menus to reflect seasonal produce.
  • The food is from sustainable scottish sources.
  • Cooking from scratch they use fresh produce with traceable provenance.  Sleeper.Scot

Scot Rail

Train travel is one of my favourite ways to visit a country. The trundling on the tracks always lulls me into a sweet sleep. My overland trip through Thailand and Malaysia to Singapore is something which I’ll always remember fondly and the overnight sleeper train from Bangkok to Chumpon  – Koh Tao, is a trip I think everyone should take.

Although technically I didn’t see anything on this trip from London to Scotland, as it was night time. Yet there is something special about going to sleep in one place and waking up in another.

Just before pulling into Edinburgh station, on looking out of the carriage window I was enamored by the first peek of the city I spied and it was only a short work from the station to The Balmoral Hotel, a dip in the pool blasts all the cobwebs away – that’s for sure!


If i’m honest, I felt like I had entered the realms of Harry Potter as I walked the city. With alleys appearing down the side of the shops-I felt the inspiration for Diagon Alley must have come from here.

The Kitchin RestaurantA trip to edinburgh was definitely made easy and our visit to the michelin starred restaurant The Kitchin left me longing for more high end grub. ( Check out their early autumn menu here.)

The Kitchin

The hand dived Orkney scallops were divine and now I’ve braved oysters in Thailand – I think I’d be tempted to have a go.

I love watching The Great British Menu and get excited by the foods served up and know that it was eating pigs head, langoustine and pigs ear salad at The Kitchin, is what has led me to be more open with what I’m willing to try.

Only at the right kind of restaurant of course…







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