10 Tips on Developing Happiness in Everyday Living

One of the things which I have learned as I walked the path which has finally brought me to Wellbeing. Is the importance of happiness:

  1. Happiness is not something which just happens – it is an art to be created and defined
  2. It requires dedication,  patience and perserverence
  3. It needs the development of inner listening. In an outward world
  4. It forces you to build trust in yourself and this can be very anxiety provoking for some
  5. It challenges your thinking
  6. Finding Bliss can only be achieved experientially. Not thought out
  7. Bliss is not necessarily a state to reside in once discovered, but developing your interests and trying out different experiences, will guide you to the optimum places & states, which are right for you
  8. Facing fears is necessary
  9. Developing emotional resilience in the process a must
  10. A Good Life is lived through the heart and the soul. The function of the mind is to facilitate the learning  – stimulation and to keep building new neural pathways (But you need to get your thinking straight first!)

Finally to create sustainable change you need to allow wellbeing in your life to be a priority.

Make your life meaningful by following the above steps. Build on an ability – no matter how small and see where it takes you. You need to hard wire change – so consistently and persistently apply the daily skills which need to be introduced into your life.

Don’t try to do to much at once!

Learning and relearning takes an intensive investment. Make the time. Commit to it and deal with what comes up in the process.

Your life is yours to be satisfied and fulfilled and every moment has something to teach you. 


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