Be Mindful of Your Happiest Moments to Create a Blissful Life

Travel can teach many things and one of the lessons I’ve learnt, is how it invites you to explore, discover and then build a life filled with bliss.



Be aware-I’m not saying that life will not have challenges or difficulties along its path. What I’m saying, is that if you choose to recognise and then build on what makes you happy, more opportunities will arise and keep leading you in a direction which is beneficial to your wellbeing.

The way in which I work as a Wellbeing Practitioner, is to use all my therapeutic skills and professional knowledge-alongside personal experience and travel adventures, to assist another in creating a fulfilling life and dealing with the daily challenges which arise from faulty thinking and behaviours. These can lead to an unhelpful way of living or a breakdown in relationships. Healthy and vulnerable communication being one of the key factors here as is the necessary steps to help a person fulfil their challenges.


As a philosophical individual, I discovered many years ago whilst travelling with family. That life didn’t have to be lived focusing on making right what was going wrong but building on those moments in life which made me happy. Recognising that how I feel is a good guide and compass, to help me live the life I want.

Since then I have worked and lived as an Overseas Rep in Gran Canaria and recently enjoyed residing on Koh Chang in Thailand as an Addictions Therapist for 4 months. I’ve had my articles on Australia published in a national magazine promoting the country and I’ve worked with both Eurostar and the Scottish Tourism Board.


Building self awareness, emotional understanding and insight in the process, is something which has enabled me to develop a mature and respectful way of handling relationships with those entwined with my life. Creating interweaving connections and consciously building trust, allows those we choose, to enter and leave our lives in as healthy and as comfortable a way possible. All is part of growth and developmental.

Working as a Therapist at DARA my heart was one of the many tools I used, when working with a Client. Loving a person into being, a key ingredient in the way I live life and work professionally. I’m not talking romantic love but a centered and conscious understanding of the complexities of being human, when helping a person deal with their difficulties, whilst sorting themselves out.


Being a Mother has helped me develop the knowing of when to let go a little more, to allow my children more space has always been necessary during their childhood. My gut instinct always been my best guide. Trust can then be used to it’s ultimate and healthiest advantage.

Chloe dives with whale shark

Being mindful of your happiest moments and taking its essence forward, one step at a time, will increase your chances for creating that blissful life!

Would You like your life to be like this?





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