Changing States Through Travel

One of the things which I’m a great believer in, is how we can change our own mental state through travel.

It is one of the easiest and most fulfilling ways to create a connection inside us, with something greater than what we are. It allows us to develop and grow personally and as experiential, it is something which envelopes us in its richness and enables us to become a more colourful version of ourselves.

So have I grabbed your interest..

Where would you like to go?

When I was a child my mum bought the travel book, the KonTiki expedition. For some reason, as I read it, I fell in love with New Zealand. A love affair which continued and didn’t get fulfilled until I was 40. I have lived a very different life than initially expected but as a therapist understand how the unconscious has shaped my path.

Now, I’m a therapist and I think a certain way – which is probably part of the reason I guided myself in the direction of Humanistic Therapy in my 30’s which now in turn, after much travel – has led me to explore wellbeing in my early 50’s.

I believe that creating happiness needn’t be viewed as hedonistic or that it means you turn away from challenges or difficulties.

Travel can make you happy, stimulate you intellectually, fulfill the need for curiosity, enable cultural exploration and allow you to breathe different air. It can enable you to develop some space between you and your life and allow you to reflect on what you need and what you want. It enables you to recognise what you like.

We travelled extensively back in 2007 as a family and from that point forward it has shaped my point of view. The sense of wellbeing I achieved as I took care of my family, got moving everyday, learnt new things, was stimulated by new people and cultures, an ever changing environment and landscape, has grown my understanding of wellbeing exponentially.

In the UK we are fortunate to be so close to so many european destinations and can be halfway across the world in under 16 hours.

Where would you like to visit, what would you like to do – where would you like to be and who would you want to meet.

I still have places I want to visit on my list and these range from as close as the lake district to as far away as the south pacific.

Where would you like to go and what does it connect to inside and how does it create wellbeing.

I’d love to know what makes you tick!




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