Why Simply Adding Mindfulness & Gratitude Practices To Our Daily Lives Will Not Make Us Happier

The brain is an amazing tool to be utilised by us as a species, within our everyday lives.

I view mindfulness and a gratitude practice as tools to be placed in our tool box, to help us recognise the positives we sometimes miss out on. I deliver a mindful walking practice – in which I help others begin to reconnect with themselves and the world around them, after the busy pace of their working lives. Encouraging the placement of the self  – even if for one short hour – above all others.

A gratitude practice keeps us grounded in another way. It enables us to look out into our lives and into the world and recognise the good which happens. When too much cynicism creeps in. We can lose faith in ourselves, others and the way in which the world is progressing. The media feeds the stories which can help us loop the cycle – as we’re bombarded with news and in modern times, from my point of view, some really horrendous, blinkered and ‘spun’ interpretations, of current situations.

Still – there are certain things we can all do.

I work with anxiety, addiction, stress, burnout and depression most of the time, in my role as a Therapist. I like to work with people and listen to what is going on in their lives, so that I can help them utilise the tools to change their cognitive thinking, if they’ve become stuck. Explore connection, their needs and desires with regards to themselves and others. Help them understand the importance of including themselves within their lives and I work with them to prioritise the needs which are most prevalent and important in the here and now. Exploring how the inner child may grow and benefit the outer adult.

You can be as mindful about life as you can and explore as much gratitude as possible but if you’re thinking is bringing you down because, you are personally unhappy or you are being treated badly within any of your relationships, be they professional or personal, in an unsafe manner but don’t necessarily carry the emotional insight into what is going on. Then this will only carry you so far. We can create new neural pathways in the brain but to develop insight into what is going on within our lives, can enable this to unfold naturally rather than turning it into work.

Here are a few tips to help you find a way forward and maybe a new way to live:

  • Be curious about yourself (Navel gazing has never been popular in the UK ). Yet, getting to know yourself, creating and developing that connection on a daily basis and making sure – you follow your own compass, is incredibly important.
  • Find your voice – then learn to express yourself safely within an trusting environment. Eventually that confidence will grow and you’ll express yourself fully on all platforms.
  • Reflect and contemplate on what you enjoy. What programs do you like to watch – what helps you feel excited, invigorated – relaxed!
  • Share with trusted others how you are feeling. Allowing yourself to emotionally unfold can be as useful as problem solving, if done within an environment where others don’t try to fix a problem. Different tools can be used at different times. Being human is an incredibly empowering experience – when we’re allowed or allow ourselves to simply be what and who we are.
  • Get up and get moving. I value sitting meditation – I also value moving meditation. Both have different benefits for different times. Learn to know what you need and when you need it. Getting to know the power of exercise, is an art in itself.
  • Recognise that in between every thought and action – is where you reside. It allows for a moment of pause.

Connecting and creating the recognition holistically to what is going on within us, enables us to bring the whole person into being. Learning the skills and developing the scaffolding necessary to create change, which then allow mindfulness and gratitude practices to do their job, is all part and parcel of the force of energy which being human engages.

Follow some of the tips I’ve included above and I’m sure, slowly over time, you’ll begin to recognise the winds of change in progress. Make time; explore, create, do and connect. Get to know when there’s nothing you have to be, do or have and also when to act. These are skills to be learnt.

Re-Energise Your Life on a regular basis.

Remember. You’re worth it!


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