Is the Inner Child A Part of You Which Simply Needs To Grow Up?

I love to have fun…

Not going to the pub and getting drunk kinda fun but being curious, getting outside and exploring the world kind of fun.

I’ve discovered a lot about the world and myself through travel. Its allowed me to connect with who I am, what I want and what I enjoy. It’s enabled me to explore and engage with others and has taught me a lot about culture, religion, nature & freedom.

It also enabled me to grow up internally – an experience which was achieved by doing what I had always wanted to do, which in turn, enabled me to realise myself.  Which is why I like to contemplate on the inner child being a part of you which hasn’t grown up.

What Do You think?

As an adult, you can empower yourself to find the ways in which you can fulfill yourself. To not just nurture your inner child but to also enable that part of you to grow.

What I have learnt and believe, is that the reason the inner child can be experienced, is because we as individuals haven’t grown past a certain age or stage in life. There could be many reasons for this and potentially for a few, this could be due to damage sustained in childhood, which hasn’t been worked through or in some cases has just been too hurtful and as a wounded person, sometimes emotional and psychological damage can be to powerful to be moved past and has to be learnt to live with, rather than moved through.

Yet for many – its just that they have lived a life within society and never found the way to experience their freedom or even understand what this may be. What is that nagging feeling, that tells you – that although you are happy in your relationships and within your place in society, that there is still something missing and potentially that part may well be the you that makes you – you!

Still following me?

Rubbing noses with a maori – scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef and living and working in Thailand, were three experiences I’d always wanted to do. More recently, I’ve finally fulfilled a want I’ve had since my teen years and that is to work in London. The commute is a killer but I’m fortunate to be exploring South Kensington and sat and ate my lunch the other day surrounded by architectural beauty, whilst enjoying the exhibitions within The Natural History Museum.

I’ve connected with my bliss, living between mountain and sea in Gran Canaria and vowed to walk the Tongarario Trail in New Zealand. Loving life has been the one thing which has kept me connected with my zest.

I no longer feel connected to my inner child – I now feel simply, connected to me.

It’s how I find faith, build self efficacy and continue moving towards my goals – a step at a time. Motivation is built in the doing – not in the thinking.




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