Why Motivation To Change Is Imperative

I stood on the train station platform, watching ice be scraped off the windscreen of a parked car. It’s cold. Yet each day reminds me that we’re moving towards spring as the sun rises a little earlier each morning and provides us with gorgeous skies over crisp, silver grass.

Overlooking the airport, an easyjet flight positions itself at the end of the runway. I hear the roar of the engines as they’re fired up and listen to the sound of the throttle, as this mechanical hulk of a machine readies itself to ride along the runway. Like a bull, preparing to gore the red cape of a matador.

As it moves off, the sound reverberates across the station platform, I feel a sense of excitement in the depths of my belly. It engages me on a guttural level and I realise that this sense, this feeling is motivation.

It allows me to remember the importance, no, the imperative of finding the motivation to change.

It makes me think of my client work. When I look within them for that motivation to change.

It reminds me, that unless you can find that motivation-then creating change is truly a difficult challenge.

Yet if you can connect with your passion, figure out what you want and then find the motivation to change and hang on to that sense, that feeling, even in only a small way, as you take the necessary daily steps to move towards it. Then for this purpose, you can tap into it at a moments notice. Utilise the power, it’s strength in creating a life, you’d like to lead.

And is that not how we keep motivation rolling…

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