Mexico… Quintana Roo. Adjust and Adapt.

Thailand had been calling for a while. Our trip was to take us up to the River Kwai and then down to Koh Chang for a relaxing beach break. A stay at the AWA Hotel in Kai Bae, very much looked forward to. An island I’d lived on and explored previously, so the thinking was we could simply arrive explore, then relax. On the day I went to fill in our Thailand Pass and book the tickets, the system had been closed. Bloody omicron!

Vince had been looking forward to this longer holiday after our short 5 day break to Croatia. Which was lovely but not really long enough to relax fully, yet it had been fun and our adventures were specific to the kind of things we really like to do! So I got back online, did a little digging and came up with Mexico (easy to enter and leave) and a holiday in Quintana Roo. The return flights on TUI were really reasonable, very easy to book and because I’d previously flown with them, thought their economy tickets were fine for the journey we wanted to make.

One thing I’ve learnt over the last couple of years, is how to quickly adjust and adapt. The learning I’ve been able to take from this at times though, is that adjusting and adapting on the fly can also be emotionally exhausting and this is what needs to be taken care of, checked out and addressed.

Travel is one of the areas in which this emotional experience can either be healed or exacerbated. Unfortunately, unless you are going somewhere which has been previously known to you – so you don’t have to think about the reality of exploring a new destination, no matter how fly that thought may be. Then sometimes if not supported, adapting and adjusting on a daily basis can be exhaustive when having already gone through challenging times!

As we landed in Cancun, we discovered Mexico was going to turn into a different kind of adventure, with an outcome which was unexpected but helpful and a taste of a country and culture which will need more exploration.

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