How To Do A Day Out In Dubrovnik

We stayed in Cavtat as we wanted to be close enough too but not stay within Dubrovnik itself. As when researching, we discovered that Dubrovnik could be very, VERY busy and despite being told that tourism was only at around 30% on a normal year in September it truly was!

My preference had been to ensure that we could arrive on water taxi, which took an enjoyable 45 minutes from Cavtat – visit the city and depart the same way to minimise our connection with others and we discovered I was right.

The city was very busy and although not bustling to the point of taking your breath away, in the narrow streets which weaved in and around this beautiful and medieval place, felt to me at points, in this pandemic world claustrophobic.

For me, it was the cruise ship tours I found particularly difficult, as they moved on mass in larger groups – so it was harder to navigate them. There were points when I thought and felt I would be putting on a face mask, even though I was outdoors but I eventually found a way in which I could have helped myself and so would like to let you in on this.

It wasn’t until midday we’d decided to walk the wall around the city.





Especially in summer, due to the heat and so its not too crowded. Due to our world’s situation, it was actually a good place to be, midday, in september 2021.

Although in a normal tourist season, I could see it being a bit of a nightmare due to the rest breaks, photo stops, views and generally all different ages, abilities and fitness levels walking it at the same time and it really is a doozy on your knees if they’re a bit tricky!

It elevated my husband and I out of the streets and up into a gentle breeze Offered us a fresh perspective of the city and a really practical way for us to get our bearings, decide where we would like to go and what we would like to see. If only we had done this first, then we would have had this insight and knowledge to hand at the start.

So this is my gift to you dear reader.

Budget in a city wall walk. Was around £45 for both of us, which initially we thought was expensive but the actual walk, including ice cream break took around two and a bit hours, whilst we stood looking at the view of the Adriatic, purveying the tumbled, stone bleached city below us and enjoyed all aspects of views on offer. Walking the wall first gives you a birds eye view of all the things you can do in and around the old city. Restaurants to enjoy close to the water, Fortress Lovrijenac just on the outside. If you want to really get a birds eye view of the city then a cable car ride up to Srd Hill will truly give you that panoramic view of the whole gorgeous croatian coastline.

The last thing I’d like to mention is that as we were waiting for the taxi boat to take us back to Cavtat, there was a Croatian wedding in full swing at the dock, on a boat which looked like the golden hind. There was a band playing, male guests singing, the bride and groom looked divine in wedding attire and the drone operator was doing a great job of snatching those overhead shots to help keep the memories alive. The fireworks they let off as they rounded the city wall and out of the harbour, sent shouts of delight from the tourists watching on the wall line. It was a fitting end to the day and we were really pleased that we visited and also very happy that we had chosen not to stay within. The taxi-boat ride back to Cavtat was a lovely way to finish off the day, winding down, ready for an early evening relax on the patio in our villa, up the steep steps in Cavtat’s old city, with bougainvillea and orange trees surrounding us. A place to visit for a really full day of sightseeing I’d see but a great place to leave at the end of the day!

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