Transformational Travel to Croatia

Fear filled me.. it isn’t meant to be like this, I thought. I’m booking a holiday not going straight to jail with no get out free card! This darn pandemic has impacted and affected everything.

Cavtat – Uvala Tiha Bay.

With Vin nearly dying of Covid Pneumonia back in March 2020. My loss of work abroad – me needing to pivot quickly to bring money in and dealing with the traumatic way our hospital in Southend dealt with the situation early on, meant it had been an extremely challenging period for all of us in our family. Yet I had worked hard to ensure Vince could finally take a break from his job as a Paramedic and I could finally simply relax with my husband, alone, after the adjustments and difficult times we’d had to deal with internally in our family. Checking out the travel lists the government put out. I decided Croatia looked like the best place to visit. Somewhere mountainous and along the sea shore. A personal favourite of mine. We chose Cavtat.

Close to the airport if there were any quick departures needed. An extra £200 paid out in Lat Flow and Day 2 PCR tests. We used Randox for the PCR as that was the best value with the British Airways discount code and I could find a drop box close to home ( it worked without needing to fly with them) and Klarity for the Lat Flow. Four of them cost £99 and the PCR worked out to be £43 each with the discount. I worked hard to get the best value I could – which added to the stress for me!

We flew with TUI. I’ve worked with them as an Overseas Rep previously in Gran Canaria and although that was a challenging experience due to it being the first time I’d worked away from my husband and children, the flights I’d been on with them were good and at £119 return, with early flights out to maximise the flight day fully and a mid morning flight back to the UK 8 days later. Really good value I thought.

When I watch the news, the perspective I was given was that it would be a nightmare experience getting out of the country. It was all quick and straight forward really. I was surprised at how well it was handled and with no added time on the journey than normal. My greatest downfall was not having the most up to date phone which would have made all the document shuffle I experienced much easier at the last check in desk, before being loaded onto the plane. The airports and companies which run these flights are really good and work hard to make it as seamless as possible.

Life had become so stressful that I knew I really needed a break. Feeling burnt out with everything I’ve had to deal with – such a challenging time mentally and emotionally and although I’d initially had a Therapist to work with myself to help me maintain equilibrium. I had been managing alone recently. As a Therapist I know the importance of being able to talk through the difficult and dark situations we find ourselves in sometimes and there were and possibly still are, things I need to talk about to help me heal. When you don’t let out the tears which need shedding, they begin to have a physical impact on the body and the mind.

You start to feel the tension in the shoulders and neck, a backache appears here and there. Headaches begin. Sleepless nights are experienced. It is valuable to have someone with whom you can be honest, that you feel cares about you. The energetic connection which comes through that human experience when working with the right Therapist is extremely important. Online is a tool to be used but I believe it should not be the only way. It certainly shut down my experience.

Having worked in an international rehab in Thailand I knew the benefits brought about by travel for healing. Working previously with clients in a resort style facility, who’d always wanted to visit Thailand but had to come to terms with the fact that it was through addiction, and attempted recovery the route which they arrived. I had watched and sometimes been a pivotal part in someones healing. Travel for many opened them up to new possibilities, it helped them relax so they could deal with everything else. I knew the value of transformational travel and this was my moment to bring it to life. After our round the world trip with our kids many years ago – I recognised that my therapist brain would know what to do with everything. It did then through travel and it does now!

Cavtat – Walking Trail

Sitting strapped in for take-off. Soaring 39,000 feet above the clouds. Stepping off the plane into a world of different languages, sunshine and smells meant that instantly I, the person was engaged. I began to feel myself opening up again. I knew what was coming. Was prepared for this part to be transformational travel. Felt personally happy for the first time in a while. My wellbeing engaged. Stress melted away. It was time to relax….

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