Developing The Art Of Focused Intention Through Yoga

Yesterday morning I was short of time, a busy day ahead.

I knew it is good for my wellbeing to begin the day with some form of exercise. One of the elements of working in an overseas drug and alcohol rehab, was the importance given to exercise, movement and meditation first thing in the morning. I believe and science tells us, the power of exercise creates positive changes to our neural pathways, delivers elevated dopamine levels, and help us build a sense of satisfaction and happiness in our daily living. When developed as a habit, it’s really beneficial to our health and wellbeing.

As a Wellness Coach, I understand the important of making small changes to help us build towards the big changes we want to see within our lives. I use yoga as a means of helping me develop focused intention.

I find the physical doing – helps the mental challenge, of dealing with an emotional response when it arises, which may stop me from creating focused intention and completing a task. If you can build this skill through something like yoga – then you can follow similar steps in different areas of your life, to work towards what you are trying to achieve, do or create.

What is focused intention?

Focused intention is the way in which we concentrate on doing one particular task at a time. There may be various components to the task but it needs to come under a specific framework.

It needs to be something which is challenging – requiring you to expend more energy to concentrate, than you would normally give to something which you’re already good at.

I’ve used the 20 minute energising workflow with Five Parks Yoga as an example and a way in which you can  develop yourself the art of focused intention.  I enjoy the way Erin teaches her classes online. She is experienced and offers in the practice, ways in which you can adapt or moderate movements and poses if necessary.

How long should I commit to practicing focused intention?

I think it depends on the individual. When I’m starting something new, like this free yoga class above – the first time and the few times after, I practice with a focused intention. Then the skill begins to develop into a habit. This class takes 20 minutes and doesn’t zap my energy. My gaze is soft, my hearing attuned. My body building warmth through the stretches. My heart remains open, giving myself a good dose of self care, first thing in the morning. Something which activates my muscles and assists me in holding a constructive mental attitude for the rest of the day.

  • Its only taken 20 minutes to totally gain focus, in the habit of building intention.
  • I’ve achieved a goal. The way I’ve arrived there,  doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • I’m taking care of wellbeing. My poses definitely need work but in the art of giving myself over, to practicing with focused intention, my wellbeing increases each time I take to the mat.

If you use this simple system, yet understand the important element of working hard to create the magic which comes into your life, then you’ll be able to habitually tap into the art of focused intention and continue creating what you want or understanding exactly what you need, to take you to the next step.

How will you develop focused intention within your day?



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