Set An Intention, Spend Time On Reflection & See If Your Urges Appear

“I think I’d like to live & work in Bangkok.” I told my husband.  This was a little surprising because I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with it ever since my first trip there.

“What’s brought about the change of heart?” He asked

“It’s an urge.” I told him. “I have an urge to live and work in Thailand!”

Feeling assaulted by the smells and strange sights, I couldn’t wait to escape from the bustling city the first time I visited. Now, I’m looking for and thinking about what I would like to do and where I would like to be. I’ve always been a person who is interested in learning, growing and developing. It’s never been about ‘not being good enough,’ but is just something I enjoy doing. From sheer joy. I love life & I love to learn.

Developing an interest in anthropology has increased the urge – as has my desire to write a book whilst living on Koh Tao. I’ve even thought of Thai, along with Spanish, as a language I would like to learn. And what better way to learn it than through living in the location. I must say that I’ve only managed to pick up a few words and the thai people I met would constantly correct my intonation and elongation of the words. It will take me a while I think.

I’ve really enjoyed staying in both the residential and central part of the city. You begin to recognise faces, relationships start to build and very slowly, you begin to develop an understanding of the culture. I could never muster the courage to take the bus though. On one weekend, when I was working in the city, I wanted to find the courage to ride the bus, rather than take a taxi. Noo, a fellow member of staff, began pushing me to the bus when she saw it arriving but my courage left me, as soon as I saw how busy it was. I totally lost my bottle!

Wandering the busy streets, there is so much life. I enjoy the markets and the street food but not so much the tourist attractions. It’s everyday life which fascinates me more than anything.

I think Thailand is a great central location for travel. I could fly from Bangkok to India for as little as £82 on Air Asia and Australia for £150 in under 13 hours.

Koh Chang

Three years on and my wish has been fulfilled. I’ve lived and worked on the lovely little island of Koh Chang, eating at the delicious restaurants around the island on my weekends off and laying on the sun loungers framing the beaches around the island, underneath soaring, jungle canopied covered hills.

Koh Chang

Thailand and its capital city, now hold a special place in my heart and I wish I could spend more time there but as some of my wishes seem to come true, maybe it will happen!

What do you think about Thailand being a great central hub and where would you like to live?

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