Growing Older, Greyer & More Courageous

We’ve got the gas man in today – he’s inspecting our gas equipment for the street food business my husband and me are bringing to life.

I’ve questioned how someone with a background and profession in therapy, can correlate this profession with that of a street food business at the same time, but I love people, enjoy crowds-am not very comfortable (and don’t really like) sitting drinking in a social acquaintance groups for a long time and much prefer being able to chat to people who are relaxing in that way – whilst I work.

Having a family has ensured the development of my skills as a cook. From our early days of marriage when a nutritious meal for me, meant a tuna salad, combined with a diet coke and a cigarette. To having children and realising that I needed to be able to provide, home cooked, nutritious meals which sustained body, mind and soul. I’m now venturing into the world of cooking for the paying public. It’s exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. Yet, its been something I’ve wanted to do for a while – so I’m glad for the opportunity but nervous at the expense. Yet I also recognise that with each step I take in my own direction I grow more courageous internally but intellectually feel like I know less and less.

Growing older, greyer and more courageous means that as I develop skills across my life time, I realise that some things I consider doing from beginning to end. For example, i’ve always been afraid of flying and when I was a young adult remained very scared each time I climbed on a plane to go on holiday. The thought back then for someone like I was, to think about flying alone, meant a bucket load of fear appeared. What I understand now is that unresolved trauma can do that to you. It can make you afraid of life but I recognise that even with the fear evident – i’ve always managed to commit and continue doing the things which are important to me. 30 years on and I even got as far as receiving an interview with British Airways, as an Air Steward and have flown alone now a few times and know that if something is tough on me emotionally, then that has the potential to affect me personally and my ability to deal with and do the things I want to do.

Koh Chang

Growing older, greyer and more courageous has meant that I have worked as an Overseas Rep for Tui in Gran Canaria – lived and worked as an Addiction Therapist on the sunshine island of Koh Chang. Learning that working with an international colleague base is definitely a wonderful and growth promoting experience.

Setting up the street food is something I’ve been wanting to do for the last three years and this year its finally come to fruition – will it be a long term thing or one season only? Who knows but what I do know is that as I grow older, greyer and more courageous, I’m happy to attempt to create new experiences within my life which I want to have.

What have you done as you’ve got older which you wouldn’t do when younger?


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