Our Californian Coastline Adventure. Part 2. Morro Bay

It was dark as we drove into town. All I could see were two huge towers looming above, in the skyline. In my mind, right then, I had decided the next day we would move on swiftly and sharpish. California

We’d driven Big Sur. Looked out over rolling surf, crashing waves and found ourselves in a forested stretch of road, which, with more time, we might have stayed and explored. The signs for the parks looked just like those out of Yogi Bear cartoons and a part of me longed to explore deeper and for a longer period of time. I was discovering that maybe I’d had my fill of road trips or was it that after being at home on the sofa for so long, this never ending stretch of road was simply too much for me at this time.

In our motel room, I explored what Morro Bay had to offer. The estuary board walk information, at the far end of town caught my eye. It turned out this was to be the most beautiful part of California we encountered.



Starting off at the free car park situated next to the estuary and opposite the campsite in the national park. We began to walk out towards the estuary. Kayakers made their way silently along the water and we watched wader birds stretch their legs along the muddy shoreline.


Up in the trees, wild turkey vultures stretched their wings in the warmth of the morning sun as the morro’s (rounded hill) undulated mystically and majestically behind them swathed in a morning mist. It held a serene quality which vibrated energy. It was a surprising and fantastic way to start the day and a surprise after my initial thoughts last night.

The fresh air had whipped up our appetite and Vin and me decided that mexican for breakfast was the way forward and popped to a place called Taco de Mexico which looked popular and enjoyed carnita tacos for breakfast and Huevos con chorizo which included rice and beans. The corn tortillas tasted a little unusual but the salsa verde knocked my socks off  – made with tomatillos. It was spicy and delicious…

Mexican Food

Popping down to the shoreline, we had our first encounter with the sea otters. I thought I would experience this in Monterey Bay but alas it was not meant to be but in Morro, right along the shoreline, inside the harbour and next to the Great American Fish Company. There they were.


Sea Otters

They were delightfully cute..

laying on their backs, buoyant on top of the water below. Cuddling babies on their bellies. There was a guy fishing and every time he throw in his reel, apart from scattering the cute little critters, he pulled out a fish. Which told us exactly why they were there too!

We finished our stay in Morro Bay with a walk up the side of Morro rock. A surf competition unfold on one side, huge, randomly sized pacific ocean swells, crashed heartily upon the man made breakwater on the other.

On the outset Morro Bay hasn’t got the charm of some of the prettier towns along the  coastline but there is something simply delightful about it.

Why not take a trip if you’re that way and decide for yourself!



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