Embrace Ageing – The Loss of Pro – Age Revolutionary Cindy Joseph

This morning I read the news that BOOM Skincare Products CEO & Founder Cindy Joseph died of cancer on July 12th 2018. I felt sad to read the news about her illness which she had kept private, preferring to conserve her energy for healing and creativity.

I was fortunate to interview Cindy Joseph, when a friend posted an article about her on Facebook. Finding myself drawn to her story, I wanted to learn more about Cindy’s philosophy on living and growing older and the skincare product range she had invented. I had gone online to order her all over moisturizer Boom Cotton   as I’ve still not found one I’ve liked as much in the UK, which can be used on both face and body. No messing around and made from honey bees in Hawaii. What’s not to love about that!

Cindy, a former make-up artist of 25 years, became a model working with the Ford Model Agency at the age of 50, insisting that she keep her silver hair, after growing out all its dye. She was pro-aging rather than anti-aging and created a range of cosmetics for every generation. Her company is Boom

I liked the idea of a pro-age philosophy. It was exciting to come across someone who was embracing the changes and challenges of growing older, head on and with a joi de vivre. Cindy was proud of the life she’d lived which showed in her face, giving it character. For me it was the clarity in her eyes which really drew me in.

My focus at the time was on her travels but it was her notable comment about that fact that she had created a home and a place to live that suited her desires very much – which is poignant for me in this moment. ‘I’m just as happy at home, I don’t need to get away.’ She told me.

At the time I thought that  Cindy had found the right balance between freedom and security. Creating  wellbeing wherever she was in the world. She offered her travelling tips.

Cindy’s Top Travelling Tips:

  • Pare down when travelling. Then you don’t have to wait for bags.
  • Take minimal travel items. No lugging anything heavy through the airport.
  • Bring products which refresh your skin and enable you to enhance your natural beauty.

Finally, I’d like to share Cindy’s philosophy on aging. It sits in line with my own on wellbeing.

“Let me ask some questions here. Who decided wrinkles were a bad thing anyway? How about celebrating your age and wearing it proudly? How about being an example for younger women and taking on a positive, happy, healthy attitude towards yourself and aging? Would we have benefited witnessing women older than ourselves celebrating themselves? Aren’t we over 30 years old a larger percentage of life than we are under 30?”                                                                                                            Cindy Joseph. Boom.






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