The AWA Hotel – Koh Chang, Thailand

I’m not known as a person who likes to repeat experiences, even in going to the same location twice but there is something about Koh Chang which has nestled its way into my heart and makes me want to visit again.

Koh Chang

I never thought that I would become a great lover of thailand and its culture but this too, has worked its magic on me and i’m beginning to think about taking another trip.

From October onward, the days grow longer and sunnier and it’s the perfect time to visit and enjoy its tropical surroundings. Right up until around the end of April when the rains begin to come again. Which is just as its turning colder in the UK, so our autumn is a great time to upsticks and explore a little of what Asia has to offer.

One special place I like to stay, which is situated in the little village of Kai Bae is The AWA Hotel.

Koh Chang

The size and the layout of each room, with outdoor space or balcony attached, is something which I really enjoyed. A cool, contemporary, concrete style, with a bed to sink into and just relax in, made this really special for me on the first birthday I ever spent alone. It felt a bit weird but it was still lovely and I made the most of sitting outside my room, with a cool drink in hand and a takeaway rosti from the shop just up the street, whilst listening to the singer and guitarist playing poolside.

Koh Chang

I stayed on the beach side of the hotel but the mountain views are also great, but for me, you can’t get better than a sea view.

I’ve stayed in rooms on both the ground and first floors and all have been of a similar high standard, with crisp cotton sheets, soft sumptuous pillows, baths to languish in and showers to wash off the salt or water from the pool. It’s the kind of space you could spend an enjoyable short or long break away.

I’d recommend staying here for a few days and then visiting a couple of the different villages on the island to enjoy different styles of accommodation. Koh Chang is definitely an island worth exploring.

Koh Chang

Check out  for getting a good price and some great photos to give you an even better insight into the fantastic architecture of the hotel. I always find the process very simple on this site. If you’re not bothered about the rains, (they do come and go quite quickly) you still get some glorious weather in the rainy season. The island is even more beautiful as the dark clouds descend over the mountain tops.

When I’ve been at White Sands beach, another village on the island.  The mountains have always reminded me of Kong Island in the movie. The sea is definitely the best place to view the mountains, when staying there.

If you do visit in the rainy season make sure you have a solid pair of sandals though.

On my first trip over to the island, I wore flip flops and as the rains came and made the surface of the ferry floor very wet, I found it slippery. On my return I had more sensible shoes, which allowed me to feel more sure footed. Also with the speed they load you on and off the ferry, wear something comfortable, which doesn’t really matter if it gets dirty, because you could be squeezing between a myriad of vehicles to get back to yours!

On my last visit, I also discovered a slice of beach which I think, can only be accessed in the low season. It leads you along the beach front of the hotels to the right of the AWA and as you walk up the end, the access to the sea is clear and clean and there’s a little beach just round the corner of the boulders you can explore. I want to share this with Vin the next time we go. I was gutted we didn’t find it last time!

If you do book online, check breakfast is in with the price. The views are sublime, as you can sit outside and sip a great cup of coffee, whilst looking over the ocean and before you spend the day exploring the island.

Koh Chang

The AWA hotel is definitely my recommendation for a short stay in Kai Bae and Max Tours is only up the road and you can sort out a mini bus ride back up to Bangkok through him, (he’s a fun guy) or you can book a fantastic and quick flight with Bangkok Air and arrange to be picked up from the airport.

Whatever way you decide to go there, just go for it. If you’ve never been to Thailand before, Koh Chang is a great place for a first time visit – where you get the tourist vibe, interconnected with the local lives.

Kop khun kha for a great visit Koh Chang…





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