Fancy A Getaway? Scenes From An Aussie Shoreline

One of the best destinations I’ve visited, when travelling around Australia, is an area known as The Gold Coast. With 300 days of sunshine each year. (Which sounds pretty good to me!) An average temp of 25 °. White sandy beaches and warm blue seas. What’s not to enjoy.

There is so much to enjoy. As someone who simply LOVES spending time on the beach. The Gold Coast was an amazing place to explore. From our first swim in Hervey Bay to exploring Surfers Paradise from off shore. To learning to surf in Byron Bay and exploring aussie bush on a walk to Fingal Head Lighthouse, as we wandered through pandanau trees before arriving at the spectacular headland view.


One of the things I love most about Australia is its colourful and amazing array of birdlife. From a soar of kites riding the breeze along the northern territory highways, to the colourful parakeets parked in the trees at the side of the residential roads near Bondi Beach.

Is this the original Pelican brief?Australia

One of the best ways to see Australia is from the water.

Try not to go out on one of the big tourist boats. Look out for a friendly and intimate sunrise fishing trip, which allows you to scour the Gold Coast shoreline and see marine life up close. As we listened intently whilst sitting on the swell. We heard the push of air out of a dolphins blow hole and encountered the focussed intention of them fishing for breakfast, as they arched when breaking the waves. What a joy.Australia

Make time to inhale, observe and ingest what is going on around you.

Travel enables you to engage with mindfulness. I love being busy but taking the time to smell what your surroundings smell like. Enjoy the breeze as it cools your face. Look deeply into the dark blue waters and notice the little things. These can make travel refreshing and cleansing. Bring the skill home to your daily life and incorporate it as part of a gratitude practice. Allow it to develop and see how it can intertwine with other elements within your life


Wonder what I found…

I always fancy an australian getaway. Do you?



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