Grounded – A Poem

I’m in unknown territory
What do I see as I look around
Nothing I recognise
I feel unsure
The space feels too much
There is nothing I can touch
No sign post

I’m thinking about the changes
Needing to stay grounded
Wanting to stay grounded
But finding it very hard to do so
When there is little to ground myself too
I would like to say I stand in the dark
But all is light around me
In fact-its daylight around me
There is no darkness at all
All is bright

The earth umber in colour
The only trees and twigs I see have branches but there isn’t much to feed or grab hold of.
I don’t know which way to move
Side to Side
I have nothing to orientate myself with
The external tundra is not guiding me at the moment

I come back to the internal compass
The one thing I can rely on
The thing which has guided me right through my life
To keep looking out onto nothing but knowing where I want the journey to end is both interesting and anxiety producing
I want to talk about it with someone who is interested in it.
Someone who is willing to walk alongside me for a while, whilst I explore.
I know what I want
I know what I need
But don’t know how it will unfold

It takes its time
In fact it has its own time.
I want it all to be in my time
I want to control it – feel in control of it
Simply feel in control
I like to be in physical movement because in that I am grounded
Feel grounded
Need to be grounded
When I am grounded I am in both me and the world.

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