Pushing Anxiety Out Of The Body By Stepping Into Cool Water.

I was talking to someone the other day about my joy of being in water and how, when I’m in it I find myself grounded within me and connected to the urge and surge of the body of water which covers our planet.

The experiences of childhood I hold the fondest memories of, are the ones which tell me the most of how to stay grounded within myself. They are my guide as I move myself forward and they also tell me about the patterns and themes which make up my life at the most pivotal times.

Although many do not like to go into the past  – sometimes it is necessary yet sometimes there is no need. It takes discernment to know which is needed.

To get to know what you need and how you connect with yourself, what do you need to be doing which brings you alive and allows you feel you, it is important to try many different things. But be watchful of extremes… they can hold a realm of danger.

So many extreme sports offer the opportunity of feeling alive. Gets the adrenaline racing and the heart pumping and it is good when there is control and it does not go too far. Yet I would also ask what do you need to feel alive and are you aware when you’re not, simply because you’re not unhappy. What does living really mean?

It is when something happens which crosses the invisible line which feels so out of our control, that trauma can occur.

I myself love to dip into cold water.

There are many different groups: Open Water Swimmers. Slow Swimmers.

I’m yet to come across a group which is called Open Water Dippers. This would definitely be my group!

When I connect with the cold, if there is any anxiety in side of me, as I walk into the cooling water and it begins to seep up my bodily extremities, I can actually physically feel the anxiety being consciously forced upwards and out of me.

Depending on where it starts – if its personal anxiety it begins in the stomach -if its emotional anxiety it begins in the chest but as the cold connects with me -I feel it moving. Very quickly it begins to shift and I am in awe during this moment, in the way the body is pushing it up and forcing it out. It feels magical.

Up, up it goes and before I know it, it is as if it crawls out of my mouth, the anxiety leaves. It is then just me in the water. My shoulders dipped below it is lively flow.

If there are any mental wrangles I need warmer water to sort them through. Then I can lay on my back and float.

I would do this on Koh Chang working in the Rehab. On the weekend I would take to the beach and the warmth. There, whilst facing the big blue sky I would begin to visualise the anxieties outside of me – I would turn them into a rubber band ball and gradually, taking my time, unpick them one by one.

As I turned my eyes to the mountains – marvelling at the dense jungle resting in front of my eyes. I would feel the sun on my skin and the water moving beneath my body and offer myself the self care needed to cope with the demands of the job.

When in the UK – if I can’t access the water then even a cold shower will do to re-energise and liven me and a warm bath will offer me the opportunity to unravel life and its demands.

How do you take care of yourself. What do you give and offer to help you deal with the demands put upon you on a daily basis and if not doing anything presently, would action could you put in place. Remember motivation isn’t a necessary component to start creating change.

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