A Bit of Forest Bathing and a Gorgeous Autumn Break In Hampshire

I’m going to use the F word here…

Yes, you know the one I mean. FUN.

The New Forest

Healthy fun to be precise. Something which invades our being, allows us to rise above the noise and engage with the most important element of ourselves.

The intensive work I’ve been doing with the Kusnacht Practice recently, means that for self care purposes, it’s important to get out and do some of the things I enjoy, alongside my husband, to shake off the intensity. All done whilst exploring and enjoying a gorgeous english autumn in Hampshire.

Finding the perfect place to stay was first on our agenda and my go to site of booking.com came up with another wonderful location. Gordleton in Hampshire. Close to the Dorset Border, coastal town of Lymington and the New Forest.

The Mill

I’ve got in the habit of checking both the price of a visit both on booking.com and on the hotel website. Always checking out what is the best price. Making my bucks earn their way!

The MillArriving at The Mill we had reserved a room in the annexe but were upgraded to the suite in the main body of the hotel. A few short steps up the stairs once in the entrance. A nice surprise and one we were incredibly grateful for, when we saw the size of our bed, the comfortable lounge to sit and relax in, the sound of running water below (as it used to be a working mill) a deeply satisfying bath and a large walk in shower, all for us. The restaurant looked gorgeous and the snug bar a cosy place to sit and enjoy a glass of white wine or a cool pint of beer.

It has a private dining area which had me twitching at what event I could put on here and the gardens with pond and stream running through, were wonderful to walk around, as I observed different birds flit skywards from the trees. The hotel very easy to find, yet at the same time slightly off the beaten track. We decided not to eat at the restaurant that evening but popped into Lymington which was a short drive away but were pleased to see wonderful, locally sourced, english cuisine celebrated. In my work and travels, I meet many who talk to me about fish and chips as the well known english meal but I’m always up-selling british produce (venison, wood pigeon) and meals as something to be tried, thoroughly enjoyed and embraced!

a la carte menu

For me – not having my daughter close means making the most of the arranged times we can get together and having fun on those unplanned moments when we can see each other. Also her location makes it a perfect place for a fabulous mini break, where we can up sticks and visit, when the need and want arises.A seating area at The Mill

On this particular occasion, we thought we’d combine the trip with a visit to the New Forest and an exploration of the coast on our way there

The building in which the inn is located

discovering The Tall Trees Trail on our next day out and allowed time for a bit of forest bathing in the process. Tactile is the word I use when walking in the forest, especially here in the New Forest where to touch the american redwood tree felt like stroking a hairy yeti (or how I imagine that to feel!)

Tall Trees Trail Listening to the crunch of autumn leaves underfoot, standing close to the trees and giving them a hug – feeling the roughness of the bark. Connecting with the physicalness of nature, as the sounds of birds tweeted high in the branches was a most pleasurable experience. Tall Trees Trail

Following our visit to the tall tree trail, we drove back to Lymington-past many local pub and eateries which deserve a bit of exploring the next time we’re this way, across the countryside, making the most of seeing horses grazing roadside and ended up on the cobbled streets of Lymington, where my disappointment arose, after feeling excited to see the outdoor swimming pool and encountering it empty.

The weather began to draw in as we pulled closer to Bournemouth in Dorset. Yet we were unable  to resist a short cliff walk as the swell of the sea thundered along the shoreline before finally arriving on my daughters doorstep, where once again I was able to enjoy the company of my youngest child.


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