Increase Cognitive Wellness: Become BrainFit!

How do you ensure as you grow older, that you maintain cognitive wellness, stimulate your brain and in turn, develop new behaviours and ways of being which are healthy for you as a person.

A former colleague of mine Dr Suzanna Zito is helping to generate interest in the field of Cognitive Wellness & Dementia Prevention with Brainfit Resorts

Our lifespan is increasing. Over the last century, the average expected lifespan of people living today has increased by almost 40%.
It’s unfortunate then, that with all these extra years, many of us are forced to live our last years, even decades, as a shell of our former selves.
We are all going to age. But we believe in a world where each of us can live our lives to the fullest, enjoying our golden years with as much passion, fun and exuberance as we’ve always had.
We believe the right actions can set us on a path towards living this life, and that everyone deserves the right to age gracefully, keeping our body, mind and soul, the way we’ve always known it to be.

One of the things I’ve noticed during this time of Covid-19, is the impact which being indoors for long periods of time can have on speech and thinking. Isolation is impactful in itself, yet add to the mix the dire and constant drip feeding our news centres provide during such a difficult time – then it is easy to see how people can be influenced, anxiety increased, behaviours changed for the worse and long lasting challenges caused, without even consciously realising they are happening.

Brainfit uses a science based approach and their behavioural support program is beneficial in creating long term changes, especially for the 45 + age group and from a totally biased perspective (mine) you get to work with the magnificent, professional Dr Zito!

Session with Brainfit will offer

  • A personalised plan that fits your needs and skills.
  • Weekly online face to face sessions with one of our wellness coaches.
  • Access to regular (daily) messages.
  • CBT and ACT strategies to suit your habit-changing needs.
  • Reading materials and exercises on behaviour change and habit formation to support your journey of change.
  • Practical tips, exercises and strategies to maintain healthy behaviours and make them stick.
  • Clinical Hypnosis or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) sessions for habit change support (where applicable).

So if you’d like to build your cognitive wellness, protect your brain – speak to Susanna, download the app and Brainfit will help you create your personal health plan!

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