Finding Your Voice – A Sense of Freedom

Listening to the news this morning,  with disbelief I heard the UK Government is implementing £5000 fines for anyone who tries to go on holiday before July. Feeling saddened by this action and quite disgruntled by the decision, I wasn’t happy, so jumped straight online to the e-mail form for Number 10 and began to write my point of view to Boris.

I’ve always been a champion of those not having a voice – its part of the service I offer with helping others create change and personally having experienced my voice being shut down through domination in my teens – its something i’m really passionate about.

It wasn’t until I travelled the world at 40 , learning to scuba dive on the sunshine island of Koh Tao, did I reconnect with that part of me, still filled with unresolved terror – an energy which needed to be dissipated.

Today’s news shocked me and led me to begin to think about those around the world  who don’t have the freedom to voice their thoughts,  concerns, or express their opinions as freely as I did in the e-mail to my Prime Minister – due to what could happen to them, if they did. Especially if they are women.

Empowering individuals to find their voice, speak their mind, yet in a way which doesn’t involve entitlement or victimhood, thus not encouraging fluctuating emotions or heart felt anger, is a goal of mine.

So, if you find you’ve lost your unique voice, or are feeling that your self esteem is lacking or simply that at points you don’t feel good enough – just being you, then contact me and I’ll help you kick that confidence into shape.

Also in the meantime I will continue to express my voice  – appreciation and disagreement with my Prime Ministers handling of this situation.

I’ll consider myself fortunate, even when not happy about the situation or have limited means, in which to change the minds and actions of a Government, who are intending to follow what they think is the right course of action, to keep its citizens safe.

How do you express your unique voice… can you?


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