An Estuary Exploration

The walk out to the Mulberry Harbour, a world war II caisson lying on the West Knock sandback, off the shores of Thorpe Bay beach, was something my husband and me had been talking about doing for a while. This particular caisson sprang a leak on its way to Southsea from the Humber and was brought into the Thames Estuary and allowed to sink into the mud.

I’m passionate about getting out and enjoying life – discovering its dalliances and delights along the way, in whatever way I can. Developing Wellbeing in a way which is personal to me.

Being a lover of the online social organisation Meetup and seeing Hike Essex were arranging a ramble out on the mudflats for an evening exploration, was way to much of a temptation to let slide. With Hike Essex you can experience three of their walks before they ask you to join the Ramblers Association. The yearly cost is less than a months gym membership, you get to explore the great outdoors, meet new people and enjoy a social life all in the price!


The wind rose a little as we walked out and a jumper was needed. The mud mostly firm – trainers were fine and thrown in the washing machine on our return.


Childhood memories sprang up of exploring the mudflats with my father, being carried back to shore crying, having had my toe pinched by a crab. I’m still scared of them by the way!

A body of water which connected tide to estuary proved a challenge to wade through. It brought lots of giggles and a sense of fun to the adventure all us adults were having together. My friend Raj came out with us – nearly bottling at the start due to the breeze and the time it took to get going. We encouraged her along, knowing she’d really enjoy it. Although I think she was a lot wetter than she thought she was going to be, as the wading was done in ever deeper shallows and her leggings soaked up the salty brine.

A monumentus feeling arose when we arrived and stood in awe, gaping up at the size of the structure and its distance to the container ships sliding gracefully by. Many war stories told to me by my parents came to mind. Providing a strong connection to my country – my parents and what they all went through during that period of british history. It reminded me from where I came, as I stood looking outward.


To spy a sea star or a starfish as I still prefer to call them, just added to the pleasure. Whenever I encounter the marine life along our shoreline it brings a smile to my face.

Where would you like to go which would connect you with happy memories. I’d love to know!


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