Use to Help You Spend Time with Loved Ones

One of the challenges in spending time with your adult children when they have moved away from home, is what you are going to do and where you are going to do it!


Chloe has moved to Bournemouth. A fantastic location. I think about spending time with her on Studland Bay, snorkeling in the marine preserve. Or wandering the coastline near Durdledoor, but it is over a three hour drive and doing that on a regular basis from here to there or from there to here can be a bit tough with working thrown in.

I used the website  to find out where would be halfway between the two places and it came up with Guildford. So I thought, what would be a good thing to do on a sunday in Guildford?


Using the website I found Riverside Park Nature Reserve. The website told us how many miles it was from each of our home locations and offered the opportunity to e-mail the directions. It seemed so simple to do.

The 30 hectare nature park turned out to be really easy to find, with plenty of parking (But not toilets anywhere. Be prepared to wee in the trees!)


Our walk took us along a nature trail towards the River Wey and we were able to stroll along its green banks and observe the lock with canal boats moored alongside.

There is also a boardwalk path which leads you to the centre of the nature park and a lake, which means you can do a circular walk back to the car park. We got a little lost in the process so just keep an eye out for the sign.

Just before the car park there is a park which is perfect for a picnic. We popped to the local tesco as well, which is just across the road. To get those forgotten snacks.

The best thing for us was spending time with Chloe. Not having our daughter live close means there are lots of texts flying back and forth, many what’s app messages and the occasional facetime conversation.

I love to hear her voice and see her smiling face. Makes this Mumma happy.

Also, don’t tell anyone, but I have a personal mission –  I don’t know how well I’ll succeed at the present moment in time, but I desire to #gettoknowKarl, my daughters boyfriend. I feel it is my duty!

Surrey Hills LLama

I wonder where we could go the next time…

Maybe LLama trekking in the Surrey Hills.

What do you think?

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