What Golf is Teaching Me About Life & How to Achieve My Goals

Positioning my golf ball on the tee, I looked across the water to the 9th hole, readying myself to take the shot.

It was a beautiful morning – there was a slight breeze blowing gently across a minimally cloudy sky. This allowed me to feel comfortable in shorts and long sleeved golf top.

I had been enjoying the last 8 holes, having corrected the mistake I’d been making when teeing off over the last few weeks of play.

Instead of following through when hitting the ball. I was hitting at the ball. It irked, had caused me irritation and frustration during my  previous rounds. This time though, I think the knowledge had sunk in. Finally!

putting golf

Looking at the flag, I was making a mental note of where I wanted the ball to drop, which was close to the hole. The water in front an obstacle to get over.

I didn’t look directly at it but looked through it to where I wanted to be and in that moment clarity struck like a gong inside my head, about the goals I had created and what I wanted to achieve in my life.

It became apparent that obstacles are always going to be there, standing in our way. Applauding the possibility of stopping us from attempting to achieve the success we desire but they do not have to be the focus.


Getting ready for Golf!

If we can only learn from this experience on the course and look through them to where we want to be, then those obstacles no longer hold the power to intimidate or create fear. They become fluid. They are just another step on the path to be dealt with.

golf club

I do love this game of golf.

I’ve learned so much over the past year which I can apply to life.

I am grateful to have awareness of the learning and the teaching I’ve received from Ben – the Golf Pro at Garons Park Complex. The club has made me feel so welcome.

Oh… and the ability it has given me to play a round or two anywhere in the world I visit!

*Featured image is from Garons Golf Complex Gallery


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