I Believe in Happiness. Do You. Do You. Do You?

There are many ways to live our lives and one of the ways I’ve found to be useful, is grounded in a philosophy of Abraham Maslow and relates to the Hierarchy of Needs.

Travelling extensively is one of my passions. Extended travel with my family  in earlier years, allowed me to explore with therapeutic insight, knowledge and skill, the benefit of doing something you love, with the people who mean most to you, whilst providing for their wellbeing and caring for yourself.


It’s important to deal with the emotional stuck points along the way, which provide us with room for growth.  This is where we discover our fear, which could be from a lack of self confidence or esteem, or something deeper which has happened along life’s pathway. This is where a supportive other can be helpful to get us back on, or help us stay on track.

Figuring out what you need from your life as it changes and you move through different stages,  is an important element sometimes forgotten about, as we develop routine and security. Yet in travel, we can find that part which has been missing and begin to identify the things we love and which bring us pleasure, then build them into our lives.

I’ve been questioned about the potential hedonistic tendencies, which could exist in such a way of living, but I’ve always disagreed with that thinking. Hedonism is something completely different. Finding a way to live which suits you as a person, is incredibly empowering and an important part of building self development and self esteem. Consistently approaching and committing to the desires a person is wanting to achieve, recognising success in failure and building on it – is all part of the growth process.

I know that security and freedom is my combined desire and within that I build structure to help me maintain motivation and momentum.

Happiness is my guide as an individual but that does not mean avoiding life and relationships, the upsets, anxieties and woes that these may sometimes bring. People can bring meaning and purpose into our lives-another fundamental aspect of satisfying ourselves as human beings.

It is a reminder to me, which is a pro-active and productive way to keep me on the right track within my own life.

When confidence is knocked because we don’t meet our own expectations, it can take a bit of getting up from. Yet fluidity and flow rides within us and if we are able to acknowledge it, helps us to give it another go and yes we do still have to deal with the fear now residing within from the initial failure.

When I travelled extensively what I learnt, was that I like change and stimulation on a daily basis-being around others, connecting on a deep level with those open to it but  also enjoying the pleasantries involved with surface connection, whilst doing what I love and enjoying being who I am. The physical movement in daily living is incredibly important as society develops in more sedentary ways.

So I believe in living a life filled with happiness! I do, I do, I do and somewhere inside, I hope that you do too…

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