Caroline Labouchere – Empowered by Grey

I first encountered Caroline LaBouchere on instagram.

I was looking for women in their early fifties, who had allowed their hair to go grey and were looking good. To get a sense of the looks, styles and possibilities available to me, as I contemplated growing out my blonde locks. Dyeing hair can be so tiresome and internally I don’t feel old-vibrant and colourful but definitely not old. Especially not at 51.

empowered by grey

So I began following her feed.

Caroline is 53 and lives in Dubai with her husband, an ex-army Major. She works internationally as a grey haired model. A career which has began in the last couple of years when she was approached in a shopping mall and asked if she was interested.

I followed her as she was taking part in a campaign for No1 Rosemary Water and was featured in the June edition of British Vogue magazine.

empowered by grey

‘It seems fitting that this model-athlete would get her big break posing as a woman with age-defying ‘super powers’, gracing the pages of British Vogue in the meantime.’ The Modist

I spoke to Caroline about what life was like, being a model at this stage in her life and she told me. ‘I didn’t look in many mirrors growing up.’  Well this fact is certainly changing and quite rightly so. The mirror and the lens loves her.

I was nervous about talking to Caroline initially but her genuine, warm heart shone through the whole time. I quickly felt at ease and we discussed her life in Dubai which she said was ‘simple,’ but i’m sure will be getting a little more complicated as the modelling takes off and she is featured in plenty more campaigns across the globe.

Wild about Wellbeing is interested in how different people find their ways to wellbeing. I asked Caroline hers.

What helps you Flourish:

“Being fit, lean and disciplined. Keeping fit.”

empowered by grey


Staying fit helps Caroline stay connected with herself “My husband keeps me grounded and when I run I say hello to people as I go past. About 1 in 10 say hello back.”


Living in Dubai has its challenges. Caroline is an early to bed and early to rise person, who runs for fitness and enjoyment – lives life in moderation and enjoys the simple things like a bag of maltesers. Or a Saturday night at the movies, with popcorn and caramel (just a handful mind) or a pizza with her hubby.



As Caroline lives in Dubai, I asked her what she likes to do for travel. ” Roadtrips,” her reply. “And we have bought some land in Canada.”


I finally asked Caroline what sort of food does she like to eat. “Marmite,” she responded. For dinner, I’ll eat things like celery, spinach, tabbouleh with minced chicken. I run without eating as its fat burning. ” I drink coffee with almond milk.”

empowered by grey

The one thing which really stayed with me, when I spoke to Caroline about her modelling was this. “I hope I don’t let anyone down!”

I doubt she will.

Looking as stunning as she does in her photographs and holding a genuine beauty which vibrates from within. I look forward to seeing her in more ad campaigns across the globe. As the world recognizes that more people are becoming empowered by grey and that there is definitely a pro-age revolution going on.

In the back of her mind Caroline had always wanted to be a princess. In this instance I can assure her, that she is definitely the belle of the ball.

Thank You Caroline for allowing me to feature you in Wild about Wellbeing.

Check her out on insta: Caroline LaBouchere






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