Building Bliss in Bali

Being successful means different things to different people. One meaning of success for me, has been brought into being through parenthood.


I realised that I’ve held differing views over the years, in relation to society, regarding how to parent my children. This has at times brought consternation and concern, as I have observed those very real differences but I have also recognised, what for me, creates personal and parenting success.

I have been my guide in travel and parenting and each of these things have brought me joy and freedom in various ways. My mind when my children were little would tell me how I should parent but internally my body had other ideas and these I followed diligently. Trusting in myself in the process.

Manta Rays

Taking my children out of school for one year was freeing – exploring the world with them enlightening and educational. One of the most amazing and creative things I have done in my life. It has set my children on a path to living their own self defined lives as adults, from a young age.

This is where I bring in Bali…

My youngest child, my only daughter, recently visited Bali for the second time. Here she has recognised it as the place to take her next step in her career as a scuba instructor. A career, which in the form she is choosing to allow it to evolve, is one which is not supported with funding from the government. My daughter works hard and saves her money, to enable the evolution of her choices in life and in career to develop, in the one way that it can at the tender age of 23, slowly. Knowing what you want but not quite knowing how it will unfold.


Allowing time to work out what you want is an incredibly important part of personal creation. Whatever age or stage of life you may be in. Exploring and developing understanding in what you enjoy, enables a person to explore the possibilities out there, which enable that aspect of self to come into being.

In Bali – my daughter began to develop a deeper relationship with the various aspects and possibilities within her life. Deciding it was the location to extend her scuba diving qualifications – explore the world a little more and deepen relationships with her own interests.


Oh and from a travel perspective – it looks quite a good place to spend some time in.

It isn’t a place I’ve ever wanted to travel.

The South Pacific still calls me and Oceania beckons her weathered fingers in my direction, tempting me to trail after her with the winds and currents which delve in and around her waters. She is my love – the devil, temptress & sea siren who calls me to her shores.

And I long to go, just not yet. There are steps to be taken in the process.

My changes began and are in motion – even as we speak and the small steps taken on a daily basis develop the self efficacy and consistency needed for the goals which are aligned with my values, to develop in their own way.

I am the guardian, the keeper, the watcher.

It is my responsibility to sense what is right or wrong for me, in the process of change and creation.  For many, trust has to be built before this process can even begin.

Building bliss in Bali, looks like a great place to start though-don’t you reckon?


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