Oh The Places You Shall Go!

Are you like me and long for the moment you can travel again?

As I sit here thinking about what I want and need from a destination when we are finally able to travel out of the UK, my mind turns immediately to Thailand – the love I have for the country (now). I didn’t like it at all with my western mind when I first visited 13 years ago.  Its infinite appeal for me, as someone who has been fortunate enough to live on Koh Chang and work with clients from all over the world, in a sea facing, Thailand rehab, within the field of addiction. I loved learning and growing, working with an international team, under a Filipino female boss. So interesting. Such a learning curve.

We’d  travelled the globe previously as a family and had a fantastic time.

Relaxing in a way not normally done by many and totally needed by more than a few. My work on wildaboutwellbeing is now focussed on helping others create change through movement, enjoyment, fun. Utilising positive psychology – whilst working humanistically with them through the process, to allow them to enjoy and not endure life.

Practicing therapy, delivering psycho-education and group therapy within such a challenging professional field, which is both a sobering and fun experience, due to the nature of the needs required by the Clients and as its on a lovely tourist island, has allowed me to grow in love for this little asian piece of paradise.

Which I think is partly the reason why, with my husband having survived Covid Pneumonia, the desire to travel is even stronger. Even though we can’t go anywhere presently.

So I thought I’d share with you what my planning looks like, as I prepare for the next time we’re able to visit abroad. Our last visit this year was the USA. Only a few short months ago, yet feels like a lifetime – when the world was a different place.

Our son, a performer with Cirque du Soliel living stateside, meant that we decided to bring to life the bucket list dream of a road trip in California  –  a visit to the Grand Canyon and a stay in downtown LA!

Our next trip will be back to Thailand.

  • Bangkok to Kanchanaburi by train.
  • A walk across the bridge over the River Kwai
  • Go to Hellfire Pass , walk the railway track.
  •  Visit the war memorials and museums and cemetaries.
  • Check out local nature and wildlife.
  • Kanchanaburi to Bangkok by train.
  • A short Bangkok stay.

Find accomodation:

These I thought could entice the romantic in me when visiting the area. There are different parts of me which come to life here. A part which wants to sit upon the banks of a river and watch the busy waters float by and the part which wants to stay somewhere local – owned by an individual person, whose own stamp and style is imbued upon the place. Making it a more personal experience, especially if I can find somewhere which cooks homemade thai food!

I thought I’d share these with you a few which I found. If honest, the first is my choice for a romantic adventure with my lover, who is my husband of course.

To visit family would be lovely.

To once again watch a sunset whilst sitting high up, upon the top of a tall building, divine. Laughing with the people we know but don’t get to see very often a joy.


Then fly down south to Trat with Bangkok Air, catch a ferry across to Koh Chang and visit the little island I was able to call home for a short time.

To rest my weary head on a pillow in the Awa Hotel would surely be a delight. As would a walk along Klong Koi beach, a portion of Pad Cha and a swim in glistening, warm waters.

koh chang accommodation

Oh the places I will go when lockdown is over…





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