Healthy Ageing – Flourishing Over 50

Time for self reflection has been evidential during Lockdown, where we have been confined to our homes, counties and countries and today – as my mind decided it would like to escape the cloudy skies hovering above my house in Essex. I began to flick through some documents in my office with an idea to do a bit of housekeeping.


One of these documents was from when I worked in Thailand in a rehab facility back in 2018. It brought into the forefront of my thinking once again, what I believe about taking care of myself as I grow older and wondered what you’re thoughts are on the subject?

FriendsOne of the things I really liked about working within a rehab facility – perched atop a hill, with sea view and surrounding jungle – apart from the fact that I was living and working in Thailand. A joy within itself. Was that I was able to indulge in the very things I believe are beneficial to a healthy lifestyle – especially as we grow older.


It leads me to continue with committing to take care of myself physically, in a slightly different way now in my 50’s, than it did when I was in my 30’s for example and I have began to think about my needs as I begin move towards old age.

  • Resistance and strength training
  • Yoga
  • Open Water Swimming
  • Walking & Hiking
  • Beach Jogging & trail running
  • Plunge Pool Dipping
  • Sauna Time Sitting

I have began to make small changes in the way I exercise.



This in itself is not an easy process, as I broke my ankle back in November 2019 and needed to concentrate at the time on healing and promoting mental health and wellbeing, whilst spending time moving around in a wheelchair and being stuck upon the sofa – alone for days on end. Not an easy task.

It reminded me of the importance of meeting my social needs through activities which I enjoy but also brought front and centre the importance of utilising and strengthening my muscles around hips, bum and tum. As the more I only had one leg to rely on  – the more it meant I needed to pull myself up through the core. It became evidential, that exercise for me, needs to be slightly adjusted to ensure I am able to take care of myself, in as healthy a way possible for me as I move towards old age.


Travelling the world with my husband and children meant that I feel fortunate to experience creating change in my life, in a positive way for me as a person and creating that change leads to opportunities which I never thought I would have. Finding a direction and a focus and then walking towards it – meandering off the path gently along the way – moving forward inch by inch can be scary for me as a woman in her 50’s.

Yet there are things I yearn for – what to learn and experience and I need to hold a steady ship – sometimes this can be hard but I’ve learnt to not let the monkey mind grab me!


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